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Since 1980
the home of solutions to your foreign
language needs


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aaron k jacksonaaron jackson behind every successful world class business is a first class translator

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We are LARGE enough to meet all your
translation, desktop publishing, and interpreting needs.

We are SMALL enough to provide you with
caring and personalized services

aaron k jackson aaron k jacksonaaron jacksonaaron k jackson The following is a brief description of the subject matter in each of these web pages.  You can go to the page by clicking on its title: 

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what_we_do page:  The steps we follow to maintain high quality and affordable work product subject to an agreed time schedule;


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translations page: target languages, fields of subject matter expertise, and types of projects undertaken;

desktop_publishing and foreign typesetting page: the electronic technology available to us for typesetting, page making, and graphics inter-phasing;


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aaron k jackson

aaron k jacksonaaron k jacksonaaron jacksonaaron k jackson page: how to contact us for quotes and related matters;


what_is_new page: the space is reserved for interesting links we or you may wish to share with our clients and readers, and for reference to technology we have recently added.

The City of Cleveland, Ohio, with its educated, multiethnic population, diversified technology, manufacturing, renowned universities, and medical centers, is our base of operations.  Backing up this local effort, is our world-wide network of translators and language specialists who respond to your needs with the speed of e-mail. 


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e-mail: thelanguagesource@neohio.twcbc.com
telephone: USA (216) 381-2313    fax: USA (216) 381-9339
1043 Piermont Road
Cleveland, OH  44121  USA


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